Woven Ink


Animations are a great way to tell stories, explain ideas and more authentically connect with your audience.

At Woven Ink, we're never happier than when huddled around a table with our clients, scribbling over big pieces of paper, capturing the early ideas of a new project.

Dreaming up, designing and creating an animation is very much a collaborative process, with you, our client. 

From scripting to storyboarding, to filming and editing, we'll guide you through each step,
to realise an animation that will captivate and enchant your audience.

Do take a look at our showreel and recent work, to see some of the other pieces we've created in the past.


Fede Ciotti, Giulia Coppola, CreativeConnection, Ariadne Radi Cor, Blanche Ellis, Isolde Godfrey, Temujen Gunawardena, Jess Harvey, Ada Jusic, May Kindred-Boothby, Charlie Minnon, Geej Ower, Lara Popovic, Dasa Raimanova, Caroline Rudge, Roberto Sitta, Badj Whipple.

It was a delight to work with Woven Ink. Throughout the process they remained sensitive to the brief, committed to the project and achieving the highest standards possible, and receptive to comments and suggestions. They offered sound and invaluable artistic and production input throughout. We were wholly delighted with the resulting animation, which has been met with resounding praise from our audiences and all partners involved. It was a pleasure to work with the whole team and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.
— Holly Jones, Director, Together Productions