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Isolde Godfrey and Jess Harvey
are Woven Ink

Woven Ink evolved out of close friendship, a synergetic working partnership, and a shared desire to make a positive impact within our communities and wider society. Even if it's just a small change, gentle ripples... it fuels the love for the work we do.

We’re artists, animators, directors, producers, facilitators, scribes... but above all else we’re curious. We revel in all the opportunities that come our way, that enable us to learn more about people and organisations doing great things in the world; and thrive, when we can work together with them, to produce meaningful, creatively engaging work, with storytelling at it's heart.

Our Creative Family

This is our creative family. Our collaborators, our inspiration, our mentors, our tribe...


Beatrice Baumgartner-Cohen

Beatrice is an artist, illustrator, live scribe and graphic facilitator with a strong interest in Applied Linguistics, especially Discourse Analysis, which she studied to Masters level.

Beatrice’s main practice is illustration and while she loves working on her own in the studio, she also really enjoys combining this with her fascination with spoken discourse and the fun of working in a team when live-scribing. Cohenbaum.com



Giulia Coppola

Giulia is a graphic designer, fashion illustrator, animator, scribe and art director, specialising in character design, portraiture and caricatures.

Since 2008, she has worked for a variety of publishers and graphic design and fashion agencies; most notably designing and illustrating the book Whodunit, Blue Cat?, published in 2013, by Fermoeditore. She has also directed exhibitions for The Museum of Illustration, a leading cultural association in Milan. Since moving to the UK in 2014 she has brought her artistic knowledge and elegant style into the world of visual minutes and animation. Giulia graduated at the European Institute of Design of Milan.

grace d.jpg

Grace Dugdale

Grace is a reproductive biologist and award-winning writer with a background in molecular biology & genetics, and an MA in creative writing. Grace uses her extensive professional experience and scientific knowledge to inform her work, and particularly enjoys using story to explain difficult concepts.  

As a campaigner in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, and sexual abuse and exploitation, Grace is passionate about promoting good quality sex, relationship and fertility education, gender equality, and healthy attitudes towards sex and reproduction in young people. As such, she is a regular mentor for both the South Bank Centre’s International Day of the Girl and Women of the World Festival.

Blanche Ellis

Blanche uses live illustration to facilitate conversations and create beautiful, memorable visuals for events. She also works in animation, graphic design and creates rich picture murals for those who want to tell their story in an elegant and accessible way. Fascinated by the impact of combining words and images on our ability to think and communicate creatively, Blanche has worked internationally across a wide range of sectors from conferences and strategy meetings to trade shows, from art events and festivals to private celebrations. She also has her personal creative practice exploring the world more intimately through figure and form and with traditional techniques of draughtsmanship and oil painting to be found at BlancheEllis.com

Ada Jusic

Ada Jusic

Born 1987 in Sarajevo, Ada came to the UK as a refugee in the early 90's. Very early on she was fascinated with image and storytelling, going on to study illustration to a Master's degree level in London.

Ada is a professional illustrator, animator and designer. She has been working freelance for over 6 years for a wide range of both corporate and grassroots clients and believes that illustration should involve asking questions, looking and listening; it shouldn't just be decoration. 

Vicky Long

Vicky Long

Vicky works as a consultant and facilitator across the creative industries. Her chief interest is in organisational and cultural change.

She also has a creative practice - studiolong.co.uk - initiated a couple of years ago following a long held interest in storytelling through the performing and visual arts. Before that, Vicky worked as a producer, commissioning creatives and developing diverse programmes of work in partnership with some of the country’s leading cultural institutions. The content of this work most often involved an invite towards some kind of sociopolitical change.


Roberto Sitta

Roberto is an Italian contemporary illustrator, graphic recorder, visual minute artist and animator, with a strong passion for visual thinking.

He has worked for several Italian visual art firms, magazines and non-profit groups. Notably the Amo La Vita ONLUS association in Milan, where he worked with cancer patients as an artist in residence, creating illustrations in response to conversations and interactions with patients, which was then developed into a visual diary, gaining great success in the Italian illustration field. Since moving to the UK in 2013, he has worked with various visual communication and digital marketing agencies, for a diverse range of clients. Roberto is a graduate of the European Institute of Design of Milan.

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Badj Whipple

Badj is a constant creative. With a deep knowledge of photography and the full Adobe Suite he is able to bring ideas to life.  He has worked on a huge range of projects from directing music videos and documentaries to animations and 3D rendering. He is always keen for a challenge and experimentation, this combined with his wide range of skills makes him a great person to collaborate with.

When not working on digital content he loves cooking and playing music.

Cai & Pip

Cai and Pip

Admin and wellbeing support.