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Haemnet Horizons II & III

Haemnet Horizons II & III brought together Haemophilia nurses from across Europe, to facilitate conversations to share best practice, identify opportunities and challenges, and explore education and support needs.

Haemnet are a charity supporting health and social care professionals to ensure that excellent care becomes an everyday experience for people with bleeding disorders. They provide education, undertake research and drive service innovation.

Woven Ink attended both Haemnet Horizons II, and III, held in Berlin in July 2017, and London in April 2018 respectively.

The meetings brought together Haemophilia nurses from across Europe, to provide a forum for a series of facilitated conversations. The aim of these conversations, were to provide opportunity to share best practice, increase the collective understanding of the opportunities and challenges being faced in haemophilia nursing, explore education and support needs, and build connections between a cohort of future nurse leaders.

Jess has been collaborating with Haemnet for over 3 years, working closely with their team to produce numerous animations, and supportive visual content for their various projects. They are a delight to work for, and Woven Ink feel proud that they’ve been able to continue to collaborate with them over the last year.

Haemnet Horizons 2

Visual Minutes created by Isolde Godfrey & Jess Harvey

Visual Minutes created by Jess Harvey & Ada Jusic

Jess and Isolde’s involvement and contribution to our film and visual projects makes a significant difference to the quality of our work... As well as creativity and imagination, they have an infectious enthusiasm that really brings projects to life.
— Mike Holland & Sandra Dodgson, Haemnet